Is pool a sport?

When asked what is your favorite sport what do you normally say? Will ten times out of ten, pool probably won’t come to your mind. People have argued about if pool is a sport or just a game because it’s just something to go do with your friends ,where you can just joke around and have a good time. But there are people that play pool professionally, in those occasions I bet they don’t think of it as a game, they think of it as a money source.

Professional pool players can get injured just like other “sports”. A post by a website call Azbillards goes into more of those injuries. They even have to practice and use corination just like other major sports. Yes they don’t have physical contact like many other sports but neither does sports like Nascar.

Now that pools been getting more serious throughout this century, they are trying to get pool into the Olympics. Pool will not be in the 2020 Olympics, but there is still hope for the 2024 Olympics. If you want to read more into that then a post from BBC goes more into that.

In conclusion, pool can honestly be play as either just a friendly game or a sport. It just depends who it is playing and why. Now the question to ask yourself is, “Would you consider it as sport?”


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