Tech TV

Being in broadcast practicum has really opened my mind to be broader than it has ever been before. The fact that there’s so many jobs that all come together to complete one product is really amazing. Every job is as important as the other. No job can work either by itself.

I control the eddie on the Wednesday channel 6 news. Basically my job is to keep track of times and how long everything is. I also am in charge of what commercials and what packages are playing. Without the Eddie keeping track of things there would be just a black screens after each segment. What I rearly enjoy about working the eddie is that I have full control over what commercials get played, for example if I hate one then I’m probably not gonna play it. 

Othe jobs that are just important as the eddie would be the switcher, sound board, camera mans, CG, and the anchors. Each job does something totally different, each having their own ups and downs. 

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Radio talks 

Talking is something we all do as humans early in age. It’s a way we all communicate to achieve goals in our lives. But have you ever tried talking to yourself or at a wall? That’s basically how radio is to me, just sitting there talking to myself , with no feed back whatsoever. Now don’t get me wrong, talking on the radio is fun for lots of reasons. 

Here are the reasons it’s fun to me:

  1. You don’t have to argue with someone over ideas or beliefs.
  2. You can just play a song if you’re our of things to talk about.
  3. You can talking about anything your heart desires.(Except no cussing on air, that’s illegal.)
  4. It’s super calming just letting your heart out there and just talking.
  5. You can also bring in a host of a guest if you really wanted, but then that would go against point one. Its just a trade off unless you know they agree with you on subjects.
  6. You tend to read more news before radio so you learn more about the world around you.

That’s basically all the reasons I really enjoy being on the Tech radio station. You can tune in on listening to me on KXRJ 91.9, every other Monday, at 7-8 p.m. 

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Violence in video games

A lot of people question if violent video games cause violent actions. I believe that it doesn’t but also that it does. Yes that’s very contradicting but it’s true. Only the person of who’s doing them really decides if they want to do violent things or not.

I think that violent video game dare good because it let’s people blow off steam in a unrealistic world. A website, from ProCon  says that it’s a safe outlet for aggression. In video games there is no real punishments, so you can do whatever you set your mind too. I do believe though that If a person is not in the right mindset in a way it can mess them up. There are people put there with mental illnesses but not everyone is like that. Just because it happens every once in a while, it shouldn’t ruin it for others.

A post on CNN says that there is over 20 years of research into this all and it still doesn’t have enough to prove that violent video cause violence. So in theory to me people are just saying it causes violence because they heard that from someone else. That is indeed not something us as humans should do because a saying goes, “just because someone jumps off a Bridget doesn’t mean you have to too.”

The American sport

America’s most popular sport is football. The reason for so might be due to the fact of action that it brings. Even back in Roman times people got the enjoyment of action and violence which was okay in that time period (Here is a link to multiple acts of cruelty from the Romans: Link . Humans throughout all ages have enjoyed the sight of seeing something get hurt or injuried, I believe it’s the barbarians in us. 

Football is just a tamer way of how violent sports and games used to be. It’s basically what we have in common from past civilization’s that won’t ever go away. There’s just something about seeing someone get hit hard, in a way we all ways want the person to fail. Without someone failing us as humans wouldn’t enjoy the topic as much. Football is the most contact we have here in the USA, so could you imagine if it didn’t involve any touching? Well would get soccer for that. Soccer isn’t that big here in the USA because of so I believe. 

Daily food 

What you eat is said to be very important. It can either be because you want to lose weight or if you just want to gain weight. Some people believe eating tons to be a bad thing but there is people that eat to gain muscle. Eating is something we all have to do so if people as a society can see that everyone would be better off. Eating shouldn’t be something to be ashamed about in America. Yes I do believe Americans can be over weight, but that’s what were known for! I think that if someone wants to eat a whole chocolate cake then they should be able too without people judging them. A website call believes so too, so if you want more of a scientific reason why you should eat whatever you want then go there.

Judging people just isn’t right, if they really think it’s wrong then they should try to uplift them. On a side note I also believe schools shouldn’t make kids eat healthy, kids are still growing so they need all the nutrients they can get. Kids have been eating unhealthy for as long as schools been there and other people have turned out okay without that.  I do think the idea of healthy is better but being healthy should be a choice, not something that’s forced upon the kids. Overall I just believe that eating right should be a choice, and if they chosee to be unhealthy then they shouldn’t be reticuled about it.

The “L” word 

The “L” word is used so often and barely means anything now days. Love is used so common now days that it loses some of its original meaning. If you were to ask everyone’s definition of love you would get so many different responses. Love could either be based on physical attraction or more of a mental connection. In my opinion most relationships are based on physical attractions because that’s how society feels. However a website called believes there is six different types of love.

To me love is supposed to be a connection between two people that would do anything for one another. Love is sacrificin time and energy. Love is wanting to do better for someone else. Love is caring for seeing the best in someone even when others can’t. Love is what I to be the best emotion of all times. If the world could realize what love really is then it would overall be a better place.

Peaceful detox

Well as I stated two blogs ago that I would be doing a 24 hour detox of all technology, and I’ve did it. Most people in our society would think I’m crazy for doing such a thing but it was for a class. I wouldn’t have honestly decided doing such a horrible thing on my own.

First off I want to say, “it wasn’t that bad”. Yes there was times that I was filled with boredom, but once I got over the fact that it’s just for a day it was fine. Basically I did was follow the steps on a website call mindbodygreen. Even then though I struggled to fight the urge to pull out my phone. It was to the point where I thought I felt my phone vibrate and it wouldn’t even be in my pocket. I believe that is a big issue in society because others have felt the same way. If we as a whole can’t go without using technology as a pass time, then I’m not sure how our world will turn out. 

I’d hope to believe that I’m gonna try to go without using technology more but I don’t think I can. Every single thing is based on technology and you can hardly do anything without it now. Yes the struggle is real. I do recommend trying to go through this same challenge too, see if you can achieve it!

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