Is college worth the stress?

About this time, or if not already, you’ve been complicating college and if it’s truly worth every single penny you have. Not only are you a poor, trying to be independent, and stressed, but you’re also over whelmed with the question, “Do I really want to do this major for the rest of my life?” 

Well personally I feeling the same exact way as all those things, if not why would I be writing this, but I am pretty content on achieving what’s ahead of me. If you find a way to balance your busy life with just things you enjoy doing then you should be fine. Me being the laid back individual I am most of the time allows me to not ever stress, or just not even really get bothered by tons of work. Some people just isn’t like that at all so they must “take a chill pill”.

Ways to just get your mind off things such as stress would be going to the movies, going bowling, or even just laying in your room resting, are all ways to do so. Now if you do chose to take naps, don’t do what I do and take hour naps, take 15- 20 minute naps because it’s much better for you. And trust me you don’t want to mess up your sleep schedule because that results in restless nights.

Now that you know what I do to take my mind off of all the college stress think about what you’re gonna do to do the same. It really can be anything, well not anything, you just have to enjoy doing it. And that is the best way to get rid of stress and stop worrying about if it’s really worth your time being in college.


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