More seats for tech

If you’re walking around tech for any long amount of time then you’ve probably have noticed it’s seat to building ratio. That’s slim to none if you haven’t. Yeah it’s healthy to walk around but is it to much to want to be able to sit down after a long walk. I walk at least two miles every day just walking to different classes, that’s not even counting the amount of walking if I want to go study in the library.

Most classes consist you having to carry large textbooks also. This will cause stress on your back if you carry them for long periods of time, which will be okay if there was places to sit. But there is certain back packs that will somewhat take the weight off your back. A post by a website called Heavy shows 10 different types that are good.

Overall if Tech campus had more benches then us students wouldn’t have to worry about back problems due to backpacks, but they also would just have a place to sit and do homework. More benches outside would also help the chances of people just going outside and doing things, which is healthy for everyone. So please Tech, for everyone’s benefits, get more seats to sit in.


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