Thoughts before 24 hour technology detox

Imagine if you had to go without technology for a whole day. Questions might come up like, “how will I communicate”, or, “what am I supposed to do all day.” Well the answer to those will be you don’t and you do nothing. Kidding but that’s how it might seem anyways, you will have to plan ahead to communicate like the old days. You’ll have to actually go play real pool or sports instead playing video games.

Now if someone would ask me do I think I could do it you might see a little worry om my face. Honestly the thought of going without it for a whole day scares me, I use my phone as a crutch when feeling awkward in public, or if I have nothing better to do.

 Now do I think I can do? Yes I believe I can but I won’t like it at all. Nothing can come to good from this really since everything now days is based on technology. Hopefully once I start this 24 hour journey it won’t be too bad.

Click here to see how it went: 24 hours


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