Peaceful detox

Well as I stated two blogs ago that I would be doing a 24 hour detox of all technology, and I’ve did it. Most people in our society would think I’m crazy for doing such a thing but it was for a class. I wouldn’t have honestly decided doing such a horrible thing on my own.

First off I want to say, “it wasn’t that bad”. Yes there was times that I was filled with boredom, but once I got over the fact that it’s just for a day it was fine. Basically I did was follow the steps on a website call mindbodygreen. Even then though I struggled to fight the urge to pull out my phone. It was to the point where I thought I felt my phone vibrate and it wouldn’t even be in my pocket. I believe that is a big issue in society because others have felt the same way. If we as a whole can’t go without using technology as a pass time, then I’m not sure how our world will turn out. 

I’d hope to believe that I’m gonna try to go without using technology more but I don’t think I can. Every single thing is based on technology and you can hardly do anything without it now. Yes the struggle is real. I do recommend trying to go through this same challenge too, see if you can achieve it!

Go to this link if you want to see my before thoughts: link


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