Daily food 

What you eat is said to be very important. It can either be because you want to lose weight or if you just want to gain weight. Some people believe eating tons to be a bad thing but there is people that eat to gain muscle. Eating is something we all have to do so if people as a society can see that everyone would be better off. Eating shouldn’t be something to be ashamed about in America. Yes I do believe Americans can be over weight, but that’s what were known for! I think that if someone wants to eat a whole chocolate cake then they should be able too without people judging them. A website call MindbodyGreen.com believes so too, so if you want more of a scientific reason why you should eat whatever you want then go there.

Judging people just isn’t right, if they really think it’s wrong then they should try to uplift them. On a side note I also believe schools shouldn’t make kids eat healthy, kids are still growing so they need all the nutrients they can get. Kids have been eating unhealthy for as long as schools been there and other people have turned out okay without that.  I do think the idea of healthy is better but being healthy should be a choice, not something that’s forced upon the kids. Overall I just believe that eating right should be a choice, and if they chosee to be unhealthy then they shouldn’t be reticuled about it.


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