The American sport

America’s most popular sport is football. The reason for so might be due to the fact of action that it brings. Even back in Roman times people got the enjoyment of action and violence which was okay in that time period (Here is a link to multiple acts of cruelty from the Romans: Link . Humans throughout all ages have enjoyed the sight of seeing something get hurt or injuried, I believe it’s the barbarians in us. 

Football is just a tamer way of how violent sports and games used to be. It’s basically what we have in common from past civilization’s that won’t ever go away. There’s just something about seeing someone get hit hard, in a way we all ways want the person to fail. Without someone failing us as humans wouldn’t enjoy the topic as much. Football is the most contact we have here in the USA, so could you imagine if it didn’t involve any touching? Well would get soccer for that. Soccer isn’t that big here in the USA because of so I believe. 


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