Radio talks 

Talking is something we all do as humans early in age. It’s a way we all communicate to achieve goals in our lives. But have you ever tried talking to yourself or at a wall? That’s basically how radio is to me, just sitting there talking to myself , with no feed back whatsoever. Now don’t get me wrong, talking on the radio is fun for lots of reasons. 

Here are the reasons it’s fun to me:

  1. You don’t have to argue with someone over ideas or beliefs.
  2. You can just play a song if you’re our of things to talk about.
  3. You can talking about anything your heart desires.(Except no cussing on air, that’s illegal.)
  4. It’s super calming just letting your heart out there and just talking.
  5. You can also bring in a host of a guest if you really wanted, but then that would go against point one. Its just a trade off unless you know they agree with you on subjects.
  6. You tend to read more news before radio so you learn more about the world around you.

That’s basically all the reasons I really enjoy being on the Tech radio station. You can tune in on listening to me on KXRJ 91.9, every other Monday, at 7-8 p.m. 

Click this link to see all the reasons I enjoy being on the Tech tv station: LINK


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