Violence in video games

A lot of people question if violent video games cause violent actions. I believe that it doesn’t but also that it does. Yes that’s very contradicting but it’s true. Only the person of who’s doing them really decides if they want to do violent things or not.

I think that violent video game dare good because it let’s people blow off steam in a unrealistic world. A website, from ProCon  says that it’s a safe outlet for aggression. In video games there is no real punishments, so you can do whatever you set your mind too. I do believe though that If a person is not in the right mindset in a way it can mess them up. There are people put there with mental illnesses but not everyone is like that. Just because it happens every once in a while, it shouldn’t ruin it for others.

A post on CNN says that there is over 20 years of research into this all and it still doesn’t have enough to prove that violent video cause violence. So in theory to me people are just saying it causes violence because they heard that from someone else. That is indeed not something us as humans should do because a saying goes, “just because someone jumps off a Bridget doesn’t mean you have to too.”


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