Tech TV

Being in broadcast practicum has really opened my mind to be broader than it has ever been before. The fact that there’s so many jobs that all come together to complete one product is really amazing. Every job is as important as the other. No job can work either by itself.

I control the eddie on the Wednesday channel 6 news. Basically my job is to keep track of times and how long everything is. I also am in charge of what commercials and what packages are playing. Without the Eddie keeping track of things there would be just a black screens after each segment. What I rearly enjoy about working the eddie is that I have full control over what commercials get played, for example if I hate one then I’m probably not gonna play it. 

Othe jobs that are just important as the eddie would be the switcher, sound board, camera mans, CG, and the anchors. Each job does something totally different, each having their own ups and downs. 

If you want to learn more about each job in dept click this: link

If you want to know more about my radio experience and why I enjoy it, then click this: Link


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