Running a bloging website

Most people want to start a blog now days but just don’t know where to start. It takes a lot of work that most people don’t want to take time and effort in. However once you finish making a bloh page then it is totally worth it all.

Follow these tips by bloggingbasics to get help malign a blog:

  • Choose a blogging platform. You can use a phone, computer, and even a laptop to blog on.
  • Set one up on your own domain. Making it have our own domain asures you that nobody else can take it from you and lose all your hard work.
  •  Design your blog. Make your blog represent what what you want people to learn about your blog. Also pick colors that don’t clash and have a warming feeling.

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Modern American Dream

The term American dream has been within America for generations. People came here from all over the world to reach this dream too. Basically what it meant to them was a better life and a better future for themselves. Many did not reach this goal but at least they had the chance. They for once had options or here says or how there life may turn out.
But America is totally different now, we have evolved and formed new ideas of how we should live. So do you think the American dream has a new definition now compared to when it first came out? I believe it does for many reasons. 

  • America is now all about drugs, sex, and money. Nobody truly cares about that person to the left or right of themselves. We as all Americans are so selfish that we can’t help out a fellow neighbor even if we have too much.
  • Education is a lot bigger than it once was. This is a dog eat dog world so without knowledge you can’t go anywhere in life. When this term was first introduced everyone worked instead of going to school. School was seen as a place mostly for the rich.

Those are all just the tips of the ice burges though. The website reference goes into more depth about it all.

Dorm life 

Most kids when thinking about living in a dorm at college means you go party a lot and have a lot of fun. Well this is me telling those kids, “no, it is nothing like that.” I Mean yeah we do have times we have tons of fun but most of it is just really chill. Not every single person in college parties. There are parties those that you can attend but many things that go on at those parties are illegal. So if you want to take chances with those then I advise you to go.

One thing I noticed about living in the dorm that I think is pretty cool is that everyone comes from different backgrounds and have different personalitys, yet we all come there for the same purpose. That purpose is to get a degree in what we love so that we can try to live the “American dream”. Here is a link on the American dream, it’s what I think about it in today’s terms: link.

Another thing that I think is pretty cool about living in a dorm is that you get to make so many new friends that you couldn’t meet somewhere else. Half the people in the dorm are involved in different things for there interests, but since you have to live with them you get to see them then.

Overall to me, if you’re ever thinking about going to college or going back then you should live on campus. It really opens new door ways for yourself and gives you the full college experience

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Dead man’s poison

Okay first off, I’m not really sure what Dead man’s poison means-just thought it sounded cool for a title. However what this article is about is really a disease. That disease is procrastination.  I have been a procrastinater all my life and I have tried many things to over come it. Nothing has really worked honestly except the will I have in myself to finish everything . But thinking about it all after, I know I would have been less stress and more prepared for future stuff if I hadn’t did that. So the question is why do we all as human beings procrastinate? 

Well the simplest answer I can think of at the top of my head is that every person is so concerned about themselves that nobody really likes doing the hard stuff. Every one likes doing easy things for themselves, never want to be challenged. We all want the easy life as Americans.

Oregon State University did a lot of research into why we all procrastinate (click the link to read the reasons we do from them). They also give strategies of how to fix those reasons, so if you see a problem you have, then you can fix it.

Procrastinate is the key factor to many people’s ultimate failure. Without learning how to be more productive with ones own time, then you will never make it in today’s workforce.

Late nights

When people think of late and night together it usually tends to be bad. In a college tense it’s usually meaning they had to stay up doing homework or projects. Nobody really likes having yo stay up studying and doing homework, so if you follow these tips, hopefully you won’t have to again:

  1. Do homework as soon as you’re assigned it. If you do this then the information is still fresh in your head also. Procrastination never leads to anything worth while.
  2. Make a everyday planer. Making a planer allows you to pick the time you want to study or do homework. If you follow your planer to a “T” then you should be okay.
  3. Make a to do list. This isn’t necessarily going to do anything for some but for others it will. Making a to do list for myself usually tends to make me want to accomplish the task at hand just for the happiness of checking it off. It’s all for those checks.

    Those are basically everything you can do to assure that you won’t be doing late night study crams and homework. Key thing to remember out of everything is to not procrastinate. Procrastination is a huge problem for most college and high school students.

    Follow this link if you want to know more about what I have to say about procrastination: link

    Freshman 15

    If you’ve never heard of the freshman 15 then basically what it is is when you start gain weight in college. It happens because freshmans tend to lazier than they should and they start eating more unhealthy food. High school doesn’t allow all the unhealthyness that college does so it’s up to that person to work out themselves.

      Here’s a list of ways to not gain that freshman 15:

    1. Only eat when you have to0, don’t be a stressful Eater or a bored Eater. Nothing is worse for you then eating every minute you have a chance because you have nothing better to do.
    2. Get a gym membership. Most gym memberships are pretty cheap, and a lot of colleges have gyms themselves. I know Arkansas techs gym is only 25 dollars a semester, which is a pretty good price.

      If you wanthink more ways on how to not gain the freshman 15 then click this link: LINk


      Media is something that has always been there in the world, and it’s something that is gonna stay for a while. The media does a great job now days letting information out quickly. Doing so only causes for that information to be uneducational in a way. The media can either help or destroy the world be live. 

      To me the media can be a good thing in some ways, but it also has many down falls. A post by Roots of action shows a list of ways the media around us is good and also bad. The media basically tells us what to do and what not to do. It makes us believe in a way we have choices when we really don’t. Which kinda scares me in a way because it leads people to think what they want to do us really their choice. The media also doesn’t tell us the full truth of anything so there isn’t a real way to decided if you’re making the right choice.

      Now If someone was to ask me if media equals life, then I would say yes. I believe so because it’s our source of “education”. It’s what we all use to get informed about subject.