Selfies have come upon this society in massive waves in the last couple of years. People take Selfies and then upload them to social media to get instant gratification of themselves. Every human needs some type of gratification because if not then they become depressed or saddened. Selfies can also cause you to think bad about yourself and cause you to be jealous of others too though.

 A website from the Uk explains ways selfies are causing problems for females in our society. It says, “Constantly looking at carefully edited photos is bound to have an impact on whoever’s browsing them, and it is not that surprising that it makes women worry more about their own body image.” I believe this speaks a lot of truth in today’s views since photoshop is used in so many ways. People can’t tell what’s real and what’s not anymore because of everything.

In my opinion us as a society should stop using photoshop for advertising and modeling purposes. These things set unattainable goals for men and woman. Article from Ratidalparenting goes more in depth with everything about it all. It believes that photoshop should be banned altogether because of issues it causes.

Us as a society would honestly be a lot better off without social media and selfies telling people what is and what isn’t beautiful. To me people should also just love themselves and understand what’s real and what’s not.


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