Jobs when working in news

There are so many jobs that contribute onto the making of a news channel. All wouldn’t work by themselves either into making of the product. 

This is just a short list of jobs and my thoughts about the jobs:

  • Camera mens: this is the people you see having the cameras and making sure everything is in focus. This job to me is really simple yet stressful because also for every segment you have to move around to a different station, for example the weather map.
  • Sound board: the people that control the volume of the speakers and music. This job is really stressful to me because it can get confusing on which button goes to which object, but once you get the hang of it it’s fun. You have all of control over what the audience is hearing.
  • Eddie: The person that controls when the commercials and what commercials play. This job is what I like doing because I can pick what I want the audience to see and I like having the time schedule of when everything is over. The most important part of the eddies job is to keep time and telling people how much is left during each segment.
  • Cg person: this person is in control over how the green screen looks behind the weather person. This job is important because without this person you wouldn’t see what the weather person is talking about, nor would have the titles under people saying their names.
  • Producer: this person is the head, goto person. They pay attention to everything to make sure everything is going well and looking right. They talk to every person on every job through a mic also. Without this person it would be hard to communicate between all the jobs.

That’s basically the main behind the scenes jobs for the news station. If you want to learn even more I encourage you to take a tour of a news station. 

Here’s another article I did over the news station also: Link


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