Dorm council

Basically what the dorm councils every dorm does is that they meet together and plan events to get students involved. There are different positions within each council too. In my dorm, Brown hall, we have a president, a vice president, a treasure, and a sedentary. All of their main jobs is to make the dorm life fun for everyone.

I am the vice president of Brown hall. The reason I even decided to run for vice president was because I thought it would be fun and assumed that since I was only vice that I wouldn’t have to do much. I was wrong though.  Do basically everything the president does except being first on charge. Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy being on the council of the dorm, but it’s mainly only because it looks good.

I would recommend that if you ever have a chance to run for a dorm council to do so. It may take some time out of your day, but let’s be honest, are you really using your time wisely? Plus if you want a say on what’s going on within your dorm then the council is a place for you. 


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