Media is something that has always been there in the world, and it’s something that is gonna stay for a while. The media does a great job now days letting information out quickly. Doing so only causes for that information to be uneducational in a way. The media can either help or destroy the world be live. 

To me the media can be a good thing in some ways, but it also has many down falls. A post by Roots of action shows a list of ways the media around us is good and also bad. The media basically tells us what to do and what not to do. It makes us believe in a way we have choices when we really don’t. Which kinda scares me in a way because it leads people to think what they want to do us really their choice. The media also doesn’t tell us the full truth of anything so there isn’t a real way to decided if you’re making the right choice.

Now If someone was to ask me if media equals life, then I would say yes. I believe so because it’s our source of “education”. It’s what we all use to get informed about subject.


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