Freshman 15

If you’ve never heard of the freshman 15 then basically what it is is when you start gain weight in college. It happens because freshmans tend to lazier than they should and they start eating more unhealthy food. High school doesn’t allow all the unhealthyness that college does so it’s up to that person to work out themselves.

  Here’s a list of ways to not gain that freshman 15:

  1. Only eat when you have to0, don’t be a stressful Eater or a bored Eater. Nothing is worse for you then eating every minute you have a chance because you have nothing better to do.
  2. Get a gym membership. Most gym memberships are pretty cheap, and a lot of colleges have gyms themselves. I know Arkansas techs gym is only 25 dollars a semester, which is a pretty good price.

    If you wanthink more ways on how to not gain the freshman 15 then click this link: LINk

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