Dead man’s poison

Okay first off, I’m not really sure what Dead man’s poison means-just thought it sounded cool for a title. However what this article is about is really a disease. That disease is procrastination.  I have been a procrastinater all my life and I have tried many things to over come it. Nothing has really worked honestly except the will I have in myself to finish everything . But thinking about it all after, I know I would have been less stress and more prepared for future stuff if I hadn’t did that. So the question is why do we all as human beings procrastinate? 

Well the simplest answer I can think of at the top of my head is that every person is so concerned about themselves that nobody really likes doing the hard stuff. Every one likes doing easy things for themselves, never want to be challenged. We all want the easy life as Americans.

Oregon State University did a lot of research into why we all procrastinate (click the link to read the reasons we do from them). They also give strategies of how to fix those reasons, so if you see a problem you have, then you can fix it.

Procrastinate is the key factor to many people’s ultimate failure. Without learning how to be more productive with ones own time, then you will never make it in today’s workforce.


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