Dorm life 

Most kids when thinking about living in a dorm at college means you go party a lot and have a lot of fun. Well this is me telling those kids, “no, it is nothing like that.” I Mean yeah we do have times we have tons of fun but most of it is just really chill. Not every single person in college parties. There are parties those that you can attend but many things that go on at those parties are illegal. So if you want to take chances with those then I advise you to go.

One thing I noticed about living in the dorm that I think is pretty cool is that everyone comes from different backgrounds and have different personalitys, yet we all come there for the same purpose. That purpose is to get a degree in what we love so that we can try to live the “American dream”. Here is a link on the American dream, it’s what I think about it in today’s terms: link.

Another thing that I think is pretty cool about living in a dorm is that you get to make so many new friends that you couldn’t meet somewhere else. Half the people in the dorm are involved in different things for there interests, but since you have to live with them you get to see them then.

Overall to me, if you’re ever thinking about going to college or going back then you should live on campus. It really opens new door ways for yourself and gives you the full college experience

Here’s a link to my dorm council article: link

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