Late nights

When people think of late and night together it usually tends to be bad. In a college tense it’s usually meaning they had to stay up doing homework or projects. Nobody really likes having yo stay up studying and doing homework, so if you follow these tips, hopefully you won’t have to again:

  1. Do homework as soon as you’re assigned it. If you do this then the information is still fresh in your head also. Procrastination never leads to anything worth while.
  2. Make a everyday planer. Making a planer allows you to pick the time you want to study or do homework. If you follow your planer to a “T” then you should be okay.
  3. Make a to do list. This isn’t necessarily going to do anything for some but for others it will. Making a to do list for myself usually tends to make me want to accomplish the task at hand just for the happiness of checking it off. It’s all for those checks.

    Those are basically everything you can do to assure that you won’t be doing late night study crams and homework. Key thing to remember out of everything is to not procrastinate. Procrastination is a huge problem for most college and high school students.

    Follow this link if you want to know more about what I have to say about procrastination: link


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