Work and school

If you are anything like me then you probably didnt put your full total effort in high school like you should have. I got good grades but as long as I got atleast a C I didn’t care. This later on came to bite me in the butt beacuse I couldn’t get all the scholarships to pay for college totally. Which lead me to have to get a job to pay for school, so now I have to do both. Both arent hard to balance, but it does take time to ajust to it all.

If you follow these steps by the website Bigfuture then you should do totaly fine balancing work and school:

  • Plan Ahead

  • Talk about your schedule with your family. Balancing school and work is easier with their support.

  • Start slowly, if possible; don’t commit to working a lot of hours immediately.

  • Use your time efficiently. For example, if your job has a lot of downtime and your boss has no objection, use slow periods to do schoolwork.

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Overload on life

Nobody Really enjoys being overloaded in life. Having to many things to do all at once is very tiring and also time consuming. People that are over whelmed with too much to do can have breakdowns and start to have a unhealthy life. Being over loaded can cause stess, which will make that person having it to sleep less and less. But there is also ways to help if you just have to have a over loaded life.

Follow these steps by a blog on how to survive your overfilled life:

  • Worship your calender. If you make and follow a calender then getting things done shouldn’t be that difficult. It will also help you for later on in the future when you have to plan bigger events instead of just projects.
  • Say No and don’t back down. People will always try to ask you to do something, but if you know you won’t be able to do it, then say no. Don’t give in if they keep asking too because if you agree to this favor then you won’t be able to do it and another at full ability.
  • Give yourself flexibility. Don’t agree to tons of hard deadlines. Anything can really happen in life and if you have a lot of hard deadlines it’s setting you up for failure. If you agree to more things that are more leany on their deadlines them it gives you extra time if something else comes up.
  • Use your network. What I mean by this is that others have probably helped you out before also. Go ask the people that you can rely on and ask then if they can help you out again.

VR gaming

VR gaming is said to be the next big thing. What it allows it’s users to fully immerse it’s themselves to a world that they could never imagine. It makes horror games scarier, fighting games more intense, and exploring games adventurous. The thought that you can visit a place without truly being there us just amazing. The HTC vive is one of the biggest VR headsets, allowing it’s users to actually walk around more then the headset of the occulous rift.

Even though the thought of VR gaming is truly mind blowing it does have a lot of downfalls too. The website CNET has a list of all the cons of VR gaming at the moment:

  • It can make you sick. Just like Nintendo’s 3Ds, users can get motion sickness while using these products. Also when using for a couple of hours the headsets may give you headaches.
  • You can’t see the outside world around you when using it. What this will cause is you to break random objects in your house without you knowing. VR games sometimes makes you fling your arms around and do other stuff, if you don’t have enough room you can break the 600 dollar system you have altogether.
  • Users can trip over wires. At this moment there isn’t any wireless headsets VR, and if there was not many people could afford them. The wires that hand down from the back of the headset can trip the user making them fall and hurt themselves.
  • You literally have a screen inches from your eyes when using. Most eye doctors do not recommend VR gaming at all because in the headset there is a tiny screen that you look into. This is very damaging to your eyes and will cause problems later on in life.


Procrastination is a disease we all have as humans. We tell ourself, “hey I don’t have to do this now because I will have time later”. Yet do really ever truly get to whatever we needed to do till the last minute? Some people would say they work better under pressure, yet I don’t really see how. Pressure causes stress, and if you do it earlier then you’ll have more time to do it efficency and effectively.

If you follow this steps by positivityblog on how to not procrastination then you will surely have a better life:

  • Stop thinking and start doing. All procrastinating is usually caused by thinking. We all think that we will get to it soon but we don’t, so if we just started it without thinking that way then we are one step closer to the finished task.
  • Don’t blow a task out of proportion. What it means by this is that you shouldn’t over think the task. Over thinking the task and thinking it’s too hard will make you procrastinate, maybe not even do it altogether even. 
  • Start with the hardest task first. Starting with the hardest task first will motivate you to finish easy ones too after finishing the harder one.
  • Make a decision. What this means is that you should make a plan and stick with it. Do not change things last minute because it will be easier, just get it done.
  • Finish It. This doesn’t need much explanation. If you get it done then it will save you time and stress later on.

Netflix every day?

Most people that own nextflix has said they have sat down a whole day watching one show. The best word to define this that they are a binge watching. But in all honestly, binge watching TV shows can be very harmful to your over all health. CNBC says all the ways binging can really harm your overall health.
Here are some ways to prevent yourself from binge watching tv for hours on in:

  • Between episodes go do a chore. When I say chore I mean like take out the trash or clean. If you don’t have anything to clean then work out between episodes.
  • Stop watching it altogether and go socialize with people. Nothing is more satisfying then having a face to face conversation with someone.
  • Go eat somewhere without your nexfflix. Yes you could eat while watching Netflix, but that would just make you have a higher chance of binge watching.

    After following these steps you really shouldn’t have a problem with binge watching shows. Plus you’ll get things done more, and you’ll be more productive.

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    Elementary reading 

    Back in elementary what I remember most of anything was all the books we were forced to read. There’s was this website, or program I guess, that would give each kid a certain amount of points. Book a were based on grade levels and length, so if you were reading harder the books, the more points you’d get. After every couple of months the teachers would rally up all the points you had gotten throughout a time period, and the students with a certain points got a prize.

    This to me is not a very effective way to get kids to read at all. Reasons for this would be because some kids just read slower. Kids that read slower could feel dumb and then just give up altogether, defeating the whole purpose of it all. And for the students that do read pretty fast, but are bad test takers would also feel dumb because they won’t be getting points either. A Pennington blog article gives more reasons why this AR reading is bad for kids.

    The best way for kids to really get into reading would be to show them interesting books. Give them books that they want to read, not books you choose and force them. I’m a college student and when I’m forced to read I don’t do it for the same reason those kids don’t. The website Edutopia gives way more ways to get kids to love reading than I could even think of.

    Writing poems

    Writing poems is a form of art. It takes time and effort to really make one. To make a really good one it takes skill and practice. All poems are a form of a persons image of the world. Each poem also tells its own story of what its writer wants you to know. I personally have wrote many different poems, each one getting better and better.

    If you want to know ways to make your poem better then follow these steps from the website Jerz:

      1. Know Your Goal
      2. Avoid Clichés
      3. Avoid Sentimentality
      4. Use Images
      5. Use Metaphor and Simile
      6. Use Concrete Words Instead of Abstract Words
      7. Communicate Theme
      8. Subvert the Ordinary
      9. Rhyme with Extreme Caution
      10. Revise, Revise, Revise

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