Black friday spirt

It’s ironic how Black Friday comes right after the day all Americans are supposed to be connected at thanksgiving. People go crazy just to save at most 50 percent off products.That is most people see Black Friday as being a dangerous activity. However if you follow these steps then you should be safe:

  •  Do not buy more than you can carry. If you start carrying more than you can carry then people can easily attack you. It is for your best interest if you don’t take every single thing for one sale.
  • Save all your receipts. It gets pretty hectic, so if you are trying to buy clothes you won’t have time to try it on. Saving your receipts allows you to bring it back if it doesn’t work or fit.
  • Don’t flash your cash. This is pretty clear, flashing your cash might tempt people to rob you. The parking lot is a great place to be robbed if you want to be.
  • Hang onto whatever you bring in with you. This includes wallets, purses, and children. I advise you to not being children to some places though because like I said earlier it is dangerous. It would be pretty sad to lose your child in the crowd of people too.

If you want to know how to be safe in the parking lot then click this link: link

If you want even more ways to stay safe then click this link also: link 


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