Starbucks drinks

The most drank drank in the morning time is usually coffee. If you’re a basic white girl then you must have starbucks coffee every single day, ordering the same thing every day. Pumpkin spice is well known and loved coffee from starbucks by most people in the holiday season. But is starbucks really worth the cost?

Read these reasons why Starbucks isn’t really worth it by HubPages:

  • It’s over price. Every single coffee is on average about 4 dollars. You can literally go to Mcdonalds and get one half the price of that.
  • The wifi is ehh. So many people are usually using the wifi that it becomes slow. Nobody likes doing homework on a wifi that takes minutes to load a page.
  • Grande and vente lattes are basically the same. They have the same amount of expresso, they just add more milk and a lot more whip creme.
  • Ice drinks are mostly half ice. The lines on each cup are to tell how much each product goes into coffees.

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