Rainy weather on campus

If you’re like me then you probably despise the rain and everything that comes with it. I literally hate carrying an umbrella everywhere with me too, everything just just gets wet from it and its unnecessary. The most important thing that I hate getting wet always gets wet too here at tech, and that would be my feet. There is seriously nothing worse then cold and wet feet. A website from the outdoors explains all the bad things about keeping your feet cold and wet. It basically says that you can get frostbite if you keep them like this for a long period of time. If you have to be one of the unlucky people that park in yellow parking in the back, then I feel sorry for you too. Back parking here at tech is so bad when it rains. If Tech would fix its flooding problem then most problems of the rainy weather would go away. So moral to this blog is that Tech should cancel class when it rains.

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