Elementary reading 

Back in elementary what I remember most of anything was all the books we were forced to read. There’s was this website, or program I guess, that would give each kid a certain amount of points. Book a were based on grade levels and length, so if you were reading harder the books, the more points you’d get. After every couple of months the teachers would rally up all the points you had gotten throughout a time period, and the students with a certain points got a prize.

This to me is not a very effective way to get kids to read at all. Reasons for this would be because some kids just read slower. Kids that read slower could feel dumb and then just give up altogether, defeating the whole purpose of it all. And for the students that do read pretty fast, but are bad test takers would also feel dumb because they won’t be getting points either. A Pennington blog article gives more reasons why this AR reading is bad for kids.

The best way for kids to really get into reading would be to show them interesting books. Give them books that they want to read, not books you choose and force them. I’m a college student and when I’m forced to read I don’t do it for the same reason those kids don’t. The website Edutopia gives way more ways to get kids to love reading than I could even think of.


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