Netflix every day?

Most people that own nextflix has said they have sat down a whole day watching one show. The best word to define this that they are a binge watching. But in all honestly, binge watching TV shows can be very harmful to your over all health. CNBC says all the ways binging can really harm your overall health.
Here are some ways to prevent yourself from binge watching tv for hours on in:

  • Between episodes go do a chore. When I say chore I mean like take out the trash or clean. If you don’t have anything to clean then work out between episodes.
  • Stop watching it altogether and go socialize with people. Nothing is more satisfying then having a face to face conversation with someone.
  • Go eat somewhere without your nexfflix. Yes you could eat while watching Netflix, but that would just make you have a higher chance of binge watching.

    After following these steps you really shouldn’t have a problem with binge watching shows. Plus you’ll get things done more, and you’ll be more productive.

    Click this link if you want more ways to be productive: link 


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