Procrastination is a disease we all have as humans. We tell ourself, “hey I don’t have to do this now because I will have time later”. Yet do really ever truly get to whatever we needed to do till the last minute? Some people would say they work better under pressure, yet I don’t really see how. Pressure causes stress, and if you do it earlier then you’ll have more time to do it efficency and effectively.

If you follow this steps by positivityblog on how to not procrastination then you will surely have a better life:

  • Stop thinking and start doing. All procrastinating is usually caused by thinking. We all think that we will get to it soon but we don’t, so if we just started it without thinking that way then we are one step closer to the finished task.
  • Don’t blow a task out of proportion. What it means by this is that you shouldn’t over think the task. Over thinking the task and thinking it’s too hard will make you procrastinate, maybe not even do it altogether even. 
  • Start with the hardest task first. Starting with the hardest task first will motivate you to finish easy ones too after finishing the harder one.
  • Make a decision. What this means is that you should make a plan and stick with it. Do not change things last minute because it will be easier, just get it done.
  • Finish It. This doesn’t need much explanation. If you get it done then it will save you time and stress later on.

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