VR gaming

VR gaming is said to be the next big thing. What it allows it’s users to fully immerse it’s themselves to a world that they could never imagine. It makes horror games scarier, fighting games more intense, and exploring games adventurous. The thought that you can visit a place without truly being there us just amazing. The HTC vive is one of the biggest VR headsets, allowing it’s users to actually walk around more then the headset of the occulous rift.

Even though the thought of VR gaming is truly mind blowing it does have a lot of downfalls too. The website CNET has a list of all the cons of VR gaming at the moment:

  • It can make you sick. Just like Nintendo’s 3Ds, users can get motion sickness while using these products. Also when using for a couple of hours the headsets may give you headaches.
  • You can’t see the outside world around you when using it. What this will cause is you to break random objects in your house without you knowing. VR games sometimes makes you fling your arms around and do other stuff, if you don’t have enough room you can break the 600 dollar system you have altogether.
  • Users can trip over wires. At this moment there isn’t any wireless headsets VR, and if there was not many people could afford them. The wires that hand down from the back of the headset can trip the user making them fall and hurt themselves.
  • You literally have a screen inches from your eyes when using. Most eye doctors do not recommend VR gaming at all because in the headset there is a tiny screen that you look into. This is very damaging to your eyes and will cause problems later on in life.

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