Overload on life

Nobody Really enjoys being overloaded in life. Having to many things to do all at once is very tiring and also time consuming. People that are over whelmed with too much to do can have breakdowns and start to have a unhealthy life. Being over loaded can cause stess, which will make that person having it to sleep less and less. But there is also ways to help if you just have to have a over loaded life.

Follow these steps by a blog on how to survive your overfilled life:

  • Worship your calender. If you make and follow a calender then getting things done shouldn’t be that difficult. It will also help you for later on in the future when you have to plan bigger events instead of just projects.
  • Say No and don’t back down. People will always try to ask you to do something, but if you know you won’t be able to do it, then say no. Don’t give in if they keep asking too because if you agree to this favor then you won’t be able to do it and another at full ability.
  • Give yourself flexibility. Don’t agree to tons of hard deadlines. Anything can really happen in life and if you have a lot of hard deadlines it’s setting you up for failure. If you agree to more things that are more leany on their deadlines them it gives you extra time if something else comes up.
  • Use your network. What I mean by this is that others have probably helped you out before also. Go ask the people that you can rely on and ask then if they can help you out again.

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