A photo tells a million words. They each tell a single story, never one repeating itself. Not a single picture can ever be the same either since everything always changes. Its truly amazing to me that photography is like that too because you’d never assume how something so small can be so much. I’ve been taking pictures for a while now of all types of things and it literally makes me so happy. Taking pictures is a huge stress reviler for me too. I really do advise everyone at some point to go pick up a camera, even if its just a phone, and show people the world throughout your eyes.

Here is some some photography starting tips from the website digitalphotography to really show you how to get started:

  • Don’t go crazy buying the most expensive equipment right away.
  • Consider a tripod.
  • Make a list of shots you’d like to get.
  • Enjoy the learning process.
  • Experiment with your camera’s settings.

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Leaving for Christmas break

If you’re living in a dorm right now then you’re either sad you have to leave till January the 15th, or you’re super excited to go back home. Its bascally over month that you have to leave the place you have called home for the last couple of months. Students have to go home and follow parents rules closely again. But that does not really mater because we all miss family at times. Before leaving to head home on the 13th theres a couple of things you might need to do within you dorm room because once you leave you cant come back.

Follow these steps to make sure you leave your dorm room in top condition for when you get back:

  • Unplug all apliances. Doing this will help save energy costs within your dorms building.
  • Turn off lights. Think about it, if you leave you light on for a month what will happen. You will get back in January and notice your light bulb is blew out. Then you will have to wait for no telling how long till someone comes to replace your bulb.
  • Take out all of your trash. Leaving trash in your room is bascally just a bad idea. it will atract bugs.
  • Unplug and take foods in the fridge with you. Leaving food in your fridge will cause items to go bad and then it will make your room smell like soemthing died in it.
  • Do not forget everyday items. Once you leave you cant come back till the 17th of January, so its important that you do not forget to take clothes, shower bags, and also computers.

After you follow these steps you should be ready to head back home after finals.

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Online vs campus classes

Eventually some point in a college students life they consider taking online classes, or even one or two. Some people think online classes are even easier compared to actual lectures. I believe that only some classes are easier online, classes like history or computer classes are prime examples of classes that you can take easily.

Here’s a couple more ways online classes compare to campus classes:link

  • One of the most attractive features of online programs is flexibility. You can literally have class anytime in the day you want,you just have to watch out for deadlines. If you’re a person that doesn’t like to keep up with deadlines yourself, then online classes isn’t for you. It’s hard to catch up points if you miss something.
  • Instructors for online courses typically offer a higher level of feedback on assignments and papers. This is mainly because online classes you’re more teaching it to yourself, while traditional classes the teacher is there to show you how to do it in person.
  • One of the biggest concerns that students have about online education is interaction with other students. College is all about being social and finding out who you really are. If a student decides they want to age all online classes then they will be missing out on the actually college life of making new friends.

    There is a lot more pros and cons to online classes and traditional classes, but honestly at the end of the day college is a place to learn. Some people learn different way though so for different people they will prefer one over the other.

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    Depending in technology

    Today’s modern society is way to dependent on technology these days. It’s to the point where people can’t even leave there house without leaving there phones. Even I feel the need to look and check my phone every couple of minutes to make sure nothing new is happening. It’s a bad habit to get into, so if you’re a person that doesn’t currently do that, then I advise you to not get too dependent. I also applause to whoever can go a day without using technology because that is extremely hard.

    The website lifestyleypdate says that people should even try to stop using there cell phone in their spare time. Doing this will help your mind think deeper and look at things different. The website also believes that it’s possible to wing yourself from technology, it will just take time. 

    Another website, futureofworking, says using all this technology is making the generation lazy. We really never have to get up up from where we are siting to learn new information, we can just Google and get a answer fast. Also the Internet world can separate people from the real world.

    So moral to this whole blog is for people to stop living life in there technology. Get out and be active. Go live life to the fullest, not throughout screens.