Depending in technology

Today’s modern society is way to dependent on technology these days. It’s to the point where people can’t even leave there house without leaving there phones. Even I feel the need to look and check my phone every couple of minutes to make sure nothing new is happening. It’s a bad habit to get into, so if you’re a person that doesn’t currently do that, then I advise you to not get too dependent. I also applause to whoever can go a day without using technology because that is extremely hard.

The website lifestyleypdate says that people should even try to stop using there cell phone in their spare time. Doing this will help your mind think deeper and look at things different. The website also believes that it’s possible to wing yourself from technology, it will just take time. 

Another website, futureofworking, says using all this technology is making the generation lazy. We really never have to get up up from where we are siting to learn new information, we can just Google and get a answer fast. Also the Internet world can separate people from the real world.

So moral to this whole blog is for people to stop living life in there technology. Get out and be active. Go live life to the fullest, not throughout screens.


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