Leaving for Christmas break

If you’re living in a dorm right now then you’re either sad you have to leave till January the 15th, or you’re super excited to go back home. Its bascally over month that you have to leave the place you have called home for the last couple of months. Students have to go home and follow parents rules closely again. But that does not really mater because we all miss family at times. Before leaving to head home on the 13th theres a couple of things you might need to do within you dorm room because once you leave you cant come back.

Follow these steps to make sure you leave your dorm room in top condition for when you get back:

  • Unplug all apliances. Doing this will help save energy costs within your dorms building.
  • Turn off lights. Think about it, if you leave you light on for a month what will happen. You will get back in January and notice your light bulb is blew out. Then you will have to wait for no telling how long till someone comes to replace your bulb.
  • Take out all of your trash. Leaving trash in your room is bascally just a bad idea. it will atract bugs.
  • Unplug and take foods in the fridge with you. Leaving food in your fridge will cause items to go bad and then it will make your room smell like soemthing died in it.
  • Do not forget everyday items. Once you leave you cant come back till the 17th of January, so its important that you do not forget to take clothes, shower bags, and also computers.

After you follow these steps you should be ready to head back home after finals.

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