Kids tv shows

Back when I was a child I feel like cartoons were a lot more gruesome. Shows back then didn’t really have to be educational either, violence was a big thing in cartoons in the earlier 2000’s. Shows like courage the dog is a prime example of a show thats purpose wasn’t for education. It honestly probably was the one show that would scare kids, but yet they still watched it.

Another show that really would not pass for today’s standards as a kids show would be Samurai Jack. It was one of the most violent shows In that time period where people literally died. One way I know this show wouldn’t pass in today’s standards as a kid show is because it’s 5th season just now get green light to play on adult swim. If you do not know what that is, its the late night cartoons for adult audiences.If that doesn’t prove kid cartoons have a different standard today then back then them I don’t know what to tell you.

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Nintendos next big console

Most people have probably have heard to Nintendo next console, the switch. It’s supposed to fix every problem the Wii u had and then add even more content for it. The wii u was honestly Nintendos worst selling console for just the reason of it not supporting many games. The switch is fixing that problem by allowing more 3rd party games to be able to play on it. 

What I’m most excited about the switch is that you’ll be able to play skyrim on it and it’s alot more portable then other consoles. Now the question is if I think it will be the next big thing console? I would say yes and no.

 At the point sells on pre ordering are doing very well but also at this point not many people know what the system will be like. Every one is just hoping that Nintendo will pull through with an amazing console. Im not saying this to discourage people from buying the console either, because I’ll probably get the console myself, but I’m just telling people to be cautious about the system because we still don’t know much about it at all..

Bussinessinsider can tell you all the great benefits you will get with the Nintendo Switch. One thing I learned from this article was how fast it really is, and downloading speed is so much faster than normal consoles.

Another online article called Toms guide explains 7 reasons you shouldn’t get the console. I agree with alot of what it’s saying. 2.5 to 6 hours of battery life clearly isn’t enough. This is the time period where we should be moving on past the 6 hour make with tablets and other things.

Not shaven? No job.

Recently at my job there became a new dress code policy. The new policy was that all guys had to have a freshly shaved face. In my overall opinion I don’t believe that’s right at all. I don’t grow facial hair but, I know it bothers the guys that do. The fact that some of the guys literally have to shave there face every day is just crazy to me. I don’t know what’s the reason behind this either. What could happen from a guy having a little bit of facial hair or even a 5 o’clock shadow.

A article by businessmanagementdaily says, “Basically, private employers do have the right to set their own dress and grooming codes. That can include setting limits on employees’ facial hair”

I believe that if the place really wants all guys to shave then they should just get mustache guards or beard one even. Yeah they will look ridiculous but at least it would save some time other then making all the guys go to the back of the store to shave.

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My top 5 movies 

Everyone has there preference when it comes to what type of movie they enjoy watching. It could be horror, romance, and ever comedy movies that people like. There are tons of other genre’s but those tend to be the most watched in my overall opinion. But whatever movies you enjoy watching them watch them because they are made to be enjoyed in the first place.

Here are my top 5 favorite movies of all time! They are not in order in anyway.

  • “Forest Gump”
  • “Great Gatsby”
  • “The Note Book”
  • “Toy story”
  • “Titanic”

My top 10 music 

Everyone has there go to genre of music when they listen to music. Sitting in your car listening to the radio is when you really have to do that. If you listen to music from your phone then you really can mix and match any genre of music they want. I literally have listened to so many songs throughout my time period and have came up with my top choicespot of music. I don’t have these in order at all but I still advise you to give each song a chance.

  • “Follow you into the dark”by Death Cab for Cutie
  • “Hey there Delilah” by Plain White T’s
  • “Greatest prize” by Nat and Alex Wolff
  • “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey
  • “Rhythm of love” by Plain White T’s
  • “Stronger” by Kanye West
  • “Wings” by Macklemore
  • “Human” by Jon Bullion
  • “Thousand years” by Christina Perri
  • “Begin again” by Taylor Swift

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