Kids tv shows

Back when I was a child I feel like cartoons were a lot more gruesome. Shows back then didn’t really have to be educational either, violence was a big thing in cartoons in the earlier 2000’s. Shows like courage the dog is a prime example of a show thats purpose wasn’t for education. It honestly probably was the one show that would scare kids, but yet they still watched it.

Another show that really would not pass for today’s standards as a kids show would be Samurai Jack. It was one of the most violent shows In that time period where people literally died. One way I know this show wouldn’t pass in today’s standards as a kid show is because it’s 5th season just now get green light to play on adult swim. If you do not know what that is, its the late night cartoons for adult audiences.If that doesn’t prove kid cartoons have a different standard today then back then them I don’t know what to tell you.

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