Nintendos next big console

Most people have probably have heard to Nintendo next console, the switch. It’s supposed to fix every problem the Wii u had and then add even more content for it. The wii u was honestly Nintendos worst selling console for just the reason of it not supporting many games. The switch is fixing that problem by allowing more 3rd party games to be able to play on it. 

What I’m most excited about the switch is that you’ll be able to play skyrim on it and it’s alot more portable then other consoles. Now the question is if I think it will be the next big thing console? I would say yes and no.

 At the point sells on pre ordering are doing very well but also at this point not many people know what the system will be like. Every one is just hoping that Nintendo will pull through with an amazing console. Im not saying this to discourage people from buying the console either, because I’ll probably get the console myself, but I’m just telling people to be cautious about the system because we still don’t know much about it at all..

Bussinessinsider can tell you all the great benefits you will get with the Nintendo Switch. One thing I learned from this article was how fast it really is, and downloading speed is so much faster than normal consoles.

Another online article called Toms guide explains 7 reasons you shouldn’t get the console. I agree with alot of what it’s saying. 2.5 to 6 hours of battery life clearly isn’t enough. This is the time period where we should be moving on past the 6 hour make with tablets and other things.


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