80’s Degrees in February

This year Arkansas has hit record weather temperatures in February. To me it just seems to be getting hotter and hotter each year. This time last year it was still cold enough to wear pants and a jacket. This was because it was still around in the 50’s, with wind temperatures even colder.  The year before, in 2015, that it even snowed around this time.

If you were to wear a jacket and pants right now then you would probably be very uncomfortable. Today its pretty common to walk out your doors here and see someone in shorts and a t-shirt. You can refer to the video at the end of the story to see how today’s weather is compared to normally.

Now what does this all have to do with anything?  Well most people would say it is global warming that is causing all of this change in temperature. Global warming is a huge problem that many people do not realize the severity of it. Global warming is linked to severe weather in all places of the world, it causes climigration, and it also has the possibility to make earth’s axis tilt in the upcoming century.

The amount of rain and snow falling is in the heaviest one percent of storms in the United States. It has risen nearly twenty percent on average. What this means is that there is an increase by almost three times of weather downfall in places like the state of Washington. This might lead to environments for animals changing, and cause certain ones to die and others to take over. So what that means is that us as human beings will have a shortage of food eventually.

What I meant by climigration as I earlier said is that animals are leaving their normal habits and moving to new ones because of the weather. Birds migration patterns are now off what they used to be. The loss of habits could be a major reason for this. Some birds might even end up canceling their journeys altogether. Global warming influences the routes of many migratory birds and their annual migration rhythm. Unfortunately, bird’s inactivity has severe consequences for them. They are not used to low temperatures and in the case of a hard and severe winter, most of them will not survive.

A major concern people have now is that global warming may cause Earth’s axis to tilt in this upcoming century. The warming of the oceans is the cause of this. Earth is said to pin on an axis that is tilted some 23.5° from the vertical, but this position is far from constant because the planet’s axis is constantly shifting in response to changes in the distribution of mass around the Earth. As the ocean warms and expands, more water will be pushed up and onto the Earth’s shallower ocean shelves. What this will then cause is certain islands will eventually be under water.

So you might be enjoying this nice weather at the moment but at what cost is it at. Global warming is a huge issue that everyone needs to come together and try to slow its rate down. Its the only way we can promise a future for future people.

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