IPhone vs Android

The battle between apple and android softwares have always been there. Each year they try to blow each other away with new phones and innovations. But no matter how much they steal from each other, design wise, they both have there own pros.

Androids major pro over Apple to me is just the fact you have a lot more choices in phone within android. If you don’t like the design of a LG phone then you could just get a galaxy and still have android. Now if you don’t like the design of the newest iphone then the only option is to get a older model, which could go outdated.A pro that I see apple has over andriod though is that the updates are quick and a lot more often.

In conclusion I’m a die hard andriod fan but I have also had and apple phone before. Really when choosing a phone it all depends on what you want to do with it to really decided which you should get.

Follow this link to help make your choice between Andriod or Apple: link

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