Quest to get in shape

Most people each year strive to get in shape and keep working out all year long. The dream that they will get rips or lose a lot of weight is a just a dream for most people though. When things get hard people end up quitting. Even I have fallen in this ever ending trap of where I will work out once and then take a break, but not ever get off the break.

Here are 5 tips to make sure you can keep up the mind set of working out by the website Mind body green:

  1. Do shorter work outs. By doing this it will take up less time and over time once you’ve been doing this for a while you’ll see many changes.
  2. Start small. Starting small will get you in the habit of doing more because after a while your judgment on small will change.
  3. Commit for 30 days. The first 30 days of anything us hard for anyone but once you’ve past that 30th day you’ll feel unstoppable.
  4. Make it a ritual. Make working out to you as often as you brush your teeth. It’s something you don’t have to think about doing, you just do it. If you don’t think about working out you won’t be able to make excuses for yourself.
  5. Schedule your workouts. Everyone has busy life’s, but if you start scheduling around your workouts instead you’ll see you have more time then you think.

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