Top favorite games

Everyone has had experience playing some game some point in their lives no matter what age they are. Most kids now days prefer video games over any other type of game. Board games are now making a switch to also make video games to stay up with the new times. Video games are kind of like movies but you get to make the choices yourself, they way you want to. Video games also have many different types of genres depending on what you enjoy playing!

Here my top 5 favorite video games of all time:

  1. Elder scrolls Skyrim; on ps3
  2. Mario party 2; On Nintendo 64
  3. Call of duty, Black ops 2; on ps3
  4. 2k16; on ps4
  5. Pokemon, Red version; on Gameboy

Click here to see ING‘s top games of the year if you think mine are complete crap.

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