Wasted meal plan

Lately I’ve been thinking about the outrage amount it costs for meal plans here at tech campus. Honestly to me it’s a complete waste of money due to the fact I never have time to go eat here on campus. I believe tech should just charge students that live here at the end of the semester on the meals they had here instead of just saying heres a limit, have fun. I understand tech makes a ton of money off of meal plans but still it is basically just stealing money from students.

A article by consumerism commentary says, “The college knows that you probably won’t eat every meal provided on your plan. For plans with points, colleges some how get away with expiring the points at the end of the semester or year without rolling them over to the next semester or providing the student a refund. To take full advantage of the meal plan and the price you pay, students must eat every meal and use every point, and that’s not a realistic expectation.”

Meals at the cafe to me are also over priced for what they are serving. Half the time the food there is either cold when I go or there’s no food at all. This overall makes me not want to go and use my meal plan altogether, which is probably what they want.

My rant on meal plans are now over. My final statement is that tech either needs to step it up on food quality, or step down on their pricing on the meal plans.

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