Is playing video games worth it?

Everyone has played a video game sometime in their simple lives. People either hate them or they absolutely love them. Game systems used to be faidly cheap compared to other entertainment, but now days they are just getting expensive. A game system, like the new Nintendo switch, averagely start at the price of 300 or more. With that you just get the console and a control. A game for that console will them be about 60 dollars. If you would like to play two players and get another remote that will be another 60 bucks. So the total price would add up to be over 400 just to get started. In my opinion that is just absolutely ridiculous.

An online article by moneynig tells all the benefits and the cons of playing video games. The article basically says thatVideo games have taken some heat in recent years due to issues with youth violence and youth obesity. Critics of video games see them as contributing to these two important issues. Kids play too many video games and don’t get outside, leading to an increasing number of them being overweight. There have been a rising number of violent acts by youth, leading some to believe that first person shooter games may be a cause. Video games can cause schoolwork to slip.

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