Is Cartoon Network dying?

Most people grew up watching Cartoon Network, Disney, and Nick. All of these networks over time have gotten new shows and have basically changed their overall image. What I mean by this is that there overall quality of shows has changed drastically. Shows used to be more story driven and have darker then while now days they are bright and colorful and go off silliness. 

I’ve read a lot about how older people are basically disappointed in Cartoon network due to all the shows it shows now. And with the fact that the few shows that are amazing are ending, they are wondering what could replace them. 

What I seriously don’t understand is why Cartoon Network continues to reimburse and revamp 90’s and early 2000’s cartoons with new art styles, and new plots. It’s obvious that they’re trying to appeal to the 90’s generation to get them back into watching Cartoon Network again. It’s all about business, and they’re using this tactic to gain back the audience they once had.
In my option they have the right idea of trying to get the older people watching it again, but the wrong idea of trying to bring back old shows. When a show ends it’s supposed to be over forever. Now back to the question if cartoon nexwork is dead. To me it’s not, it’s making improvements and it’s at least trying. It’s a lot more then what Disney or nick is doing in my opinion.

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