My favorite Photojournalist

My Favorite photojournalist would probably be Timothy Allen.

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Pic: Copyright Timothy Allen.
What I liked about this photo that Timothy Allen took it at a different angle then most would. This picture just isn’t something you would see normally.
What I like about this photo that Tim Allen took was how the background is in less focus. By doing this he brings more focus on the man with the bird. The colors of the photo is also pretty cool too.
What I enjoy about this picture is that he goes against the normal photo of someone being in the middle of a picture. The rustic colors really bring the photo to life also.
What I like about this picture is the mystery of how he actually took it. Fish are normally afraid of people swimming. The sunshine shinning through the water are also pretty cool.
What I really liked about this photography is how much emotion it is showing. The picture makes you think about really what is going on here. The smoke or dust also looks pretty cool with the black background. The reason Timothy Allen probably made this a black background to make the photo more intense.

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