Are public Library’s in danger?

In recent years I have noticed that less and less people are just sitting down with a  book and reading. If i ask the most people if they have ever been to our cities public library they would not even know we have one. I do not know if city library’s are protected and funds from the government but they cant be making any profit at all. The punishment for taking a book and not bringing it back is not even that hefty either because i could go rent a book from any library and just never go back. That is a big way library’s could be losing money too.

A article by Forbes says, “I don’t think that library visiting will disappear as a behaviorjust as visiting bookstores hasn’t disappeared as a behavior. However, enough demand will drop to cause industry failure. Why? Because libraries (and bookstores) have high fixed costs that need to be covered by a threshold level of demand.”

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