Gods Greatness

Church is a place everyone feels a great deal of emotions for. Those emotions could either be good or bad, but it is all because of personal experiences they have went through. From those personal experiences they are able to give a testimony of everything that has happened within their lives.

The word “testimony” is used in few different ways. One common usage is when a person is brought into a courtroom and placed under oath to tell, attest to, or give witness to his or her personal knowledge or experience with reference to the case that is being heard. To link the word “Christian” to the word “testimony” is to narrow the focus of the testimony and who can give it. Only a Christian can give a Christian testimony, and a Christian is one who has received forgiveness for sin by trusting alone in the person and work of Jesus Christ for that forgiveness.

A Christian testimony is given when Christians relate how we came to know the God of the Bible through the moving of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Most commonly, we are sharing how we became Christians by God’s miraculous intervention and work in our lives through specific events. Often we can only see that in hindsight, but sharing that experience is vital. Also, when giving this testimony, a sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is always a necessity. Though we can include specific information about how we came to accept Christ as Savior, those details should not be the focus of the testimony. The focus should be about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

When given the assignment of finding a person with an interesting story  I had to think about every possible way I could talk to someone new without sounding like a total creep. At my church final came to mind after I thought about all the possible ways asking strangers at my job could turn out bad. Lucky for me this Wednesdays people were giving testimony’s of their lives and this one I found to be the most inspiring and interesting.

My preachers wife made the big announcement two weeks ago that she would be giving her testimony because she felt like god was telling her that she needed to start telling her story or else she would forget it.

She grew up in a loving church home that was always devoted in church, which was due to her dad being a preacher. As a child she was a very strong minded kid, even telling kids in kindergarten that if they were mean that they would go to hell. The reason was doing that was because she remembered her dad preaching about the rapture, which could happen any moment. At kids church camp she remembered how she would be a pray Nazi, making sure everyone was really praying and doing the correct things.

When she had reached the age of 10 she was day dreaming about finding the perfect boy to marry, like any girl at that age. Eventually she did meet a boy in high school and fell in deep love for him. They ended up getting married after high school because she believed he was the right and was all righteous in the name of the lord. She got her dream job of being a Youth Pastor shortly after that. Even though she had all these great things going on in her life she still felt like she was missing something. She somewhere down the line from her life to that point had developed a fear of god in a way without knowing it.

Eventually after five years in her marriage she learned that she was pregnant. She still felt like she was missing something in her life, but just got in the mindset that this baby will be something new and that it will take up that void.

On Thanksgiving day of that year she told her family about the great news and everyone was happy for her, but not only four days later when she went to the doctor she learned something was wrong. She had a miscarriage with the baby and it made her sadder than she has ever been before. She had to go through many more doctor appointments after than and went undergo surgery so that many this would never happen again.

A couple months later when her husband had left the house her texted her if she had read a note that he had left her on their coffee table. Her thinking that it was gonna be a love note got excited about it and rush to read it very quickly. Within the note it said that he does not know if he loves her anymore and that they needed to rethink somethings in their marriage. She was devastated by it and became in denial that they could work through it all.

The next four weeks after that she remembered it being the worst experience of her life because they were separated but still lived together. She did not sleep for days and prayed that maybe god could change her husband. It did not take her long to realize that she needed change to because either way the outcome of the marriage she needs to be stronger then before. Gods grace gave her the right verses to read at that moment, which was Romans 8:28.

Once she had gotten a divorce she felt as if a great weight had lifted off her back. She came to the realization that even if she was still 80 and single that at least she still knows her one and true father. She went through many other heart aches after this still but she knew that she had to keep fighting.

She eventually did meet the man of her dreams at the age of 25 though,and has never felt better in her life. She now knows how great gods mercy is and how strong his love is for her. She no longer has the feeling of something missing in her life anymore either.Testimonies 2.jpg


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